Mitt Was Warned about Lyin’ Ryan

From “Romney ignored warnings about Ryan’s history of lies, exaggerations,” Capitol Hill Blue:

“Campaign professionals vetting Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as a potential Republican vice presidential candidate warned Mitt Romney’s strategists that the Congressman had a ‘history of exaggeration and prevarication’  that could become a campaign issue and distraction but the GOP presidential nominee’s team ignored the warnings.

“Romney campaign insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that an intense internal battle raged inside the campaign over Ryan’s history of blatant lies, factual misstatements and exaggerations.

“Campaign insiders say Romney was so determined to capture support of the tea party that reveres Ryan that he was ‘more than willing’ to overlook the Congressman’s casual relationship with the truth.

“’Paul Ryan is a loose cannon.  He’s Mitt Romney’s Sarah Palin and his involvement with the campaign will sink the Republican Party in this election,’ said another GOP pro, who also asked to remain anonymous.”

Mitt really would sell his soul to the Devil to win.  Maybe he already has.

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