Here’s a Ready-Made Obama Ad

Before the black Tahoe is driven off the line, a ...

This picture is certainly worth a thousand words.  Paul Ryan told the convention that President Obama closed this Janesville, Wisconsin, GM plant after he promised to keep it open.  How could he have closed it when he wasn’t president on December 23, 2008?  I doubt that any of the poor workers in this photo had much of a Merry Christmas.

Photo by Bill Olmsted for The Janesville Gazette

H/T Immoral Minority

3 comments on “Here’s a Ready-Made Obama Ad

  1. momshieb says:

    If only Obama would use it!
    I can’t STAND the way the Democrats fail to articulate the truth. I hate the way they fail to call a lie a lie. Why does the right always control the conversation?

  2. harris jordan says:

    A picture is worth a thousand of Paul Ryan’s lies. He is more dangerous than Palin. She was just stupid. This guy probably read Machiavelli for the same reasons as Hitler.

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