Clint Eastwood at GOP Convention Tonight

Clint Eastwood is making a “surprise” (not anymore) appearance at the GOP convention tonight.  He’ll come on before Marco Rubio’s speech introducing Mitt, so a little before 10 EDT.  Eastwood has already formally endorsed Mitt.

This doesn’t make my day.

4 comments on “Clint Eastwood at GOP Convention Tonight

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    This makes me so sad . . .

  2. Roni Jordan says:

    Too bad. I liked his movies. Now on the boycott list next to Mel Gibson.

  3. harris jordan says:

    Clint Eastwood is a better than average actor. He is a superb director. But he is risking his legacy with millions and millions who will no longer take anything he says seriously.

    Eastwood is in the one %, and so maybe, as he mulls around in his advanced years, he is more concerned with violating the “rule against perpetuities” and protecting as much of the capital he has amassed all these yerars for what will more than likely be his ungrateful and talentless spore.

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