Waiver? What Waiver? Who Asked for a Waiver?

With Mitt running ads falsely accusing President Obama of gutting the work requirements for welfare (in a racist appeal for more white voters because he needs to get 61% of them), the two GOP governors who were among the five asking for waivers are backpedaling as fast as their little legs will go.*

In fact New Mexico Gov. Sandoval has said that his administration never asked for a waiver!  Someone must have forged his state Health and Human Service director’s signature because the Obama administration has a letter that says, “Nevada is very interested in working with your staff to explore program waivers…”  Shouldn’t Sandoval be investigating this apparent fraud?

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert at least admits that he wanted waivers, but says he wanted them from Congress, not the Obama administration.  That must be why he was working with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius to get the waivers, rather than with any senators or congressmen.

If I were Obama, I would rescind the waivers.  I would tell the states that he was trying to give them more power and flexibility — something the GOP is always yelling and screaming about wanting — and in return he got lies from Mitt’s campaign.  So screw them, they can follow the law as written.

He should tell the governors that he was trying to do a good deed for them and their welfare programs, but this is one good deed that will go unpunished.  No more waivers, no more lying ads.

*  “GOP Governors Attack Obama’s Welfare Waivers After Requesting Flexibility,” Sahil Kapur, Talking Points Memo

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