Rove Bullies Akin

Karl Rove is furious at Missouri Senate candidate Todd (“Legitimate rape victims don’t get pregnant”) Akin for pulling back the curtain on the GOP’s extremism and insanity.  Rove is predicting that Akin will “go down in defeat with the biggest loss of any Republican candidate for Senate in modern history.”

Rove’s statement is as dumb as the Akin comment that started this whole uproar.  Missouri is a conservative state, and while Akin may lose to Claire McCaskill, it won’t be the epic loss Rove is predicting.

Rove wants Akin out because he knows how much he’s hurting the GOP effort to win the White House and other congressional races, not because he wants to spare Akin a humiliating and historic defeat.  Rove’s making an apocalyptic public statement like that just embarrasses Akin and encourages him to prove Rove wrong.

I’m delighted to see someone stand up to Rove, even if it is one of the bat-shit crazies.

Rove has spent his career stirring up people to vote against their economic interests, to basically serve the Koch Brothers and the Bain Capitals of this country, by getting them all wee wee’d up on abortion and guns and gays and immigrants.  Let him reap what he’s sown.

Todd Akin is Rove’s baby, as it were, and let Rove be forced to carry him to term in November.

One comment on “Rove Bullies Akin

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    Excellent closing statement – zing!

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