Revised GOP Convention Schedule

Some speeches you might want to see, depending on how strong your stomach is (all times are EDT):

Tuesday night 7-8 — John Boehner, Reince Preibus, Rick Santorum

Tuesday night 8-9 — Kelly Ayotte, John Kasich, Bob McDonnell, Scott Walker

Tuesday night 9-10 — Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley

Tuesday night 10-11 — Ann Romney, Chris Christie (that’s an interesting combo)

Wednesday night 7-8 — Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul

Wednesday night 8-9 — John McCain, Bobby Jindal, John Thune, Rob Portman

Wednesday night 9-10 — Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee

Wednesday night 10-11 — Condi Rice, Susana Martinez, Paul Ryan

Thursday night 7-8 — Newtie and Callista Gingrich, Craig Romney

Thursday night 8-9 — Jeb Bush

Thursday night 9-10 — nobody important

Thursday night 10-11 — Marco Rubio, Mitt


Where’s The Donald?  He was supposed to appear on Monday, and he seems to have gotten fired.  Thank you, Isaac.

I am already feeling sick just thinking about the vast quantities of chocolate I am going to need to get through this.

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