Isaac Forces GOP Convention Delay

As of now, the Republican convention in Tampa will start on Tuesday, not Monday.  They say everyone scheduled to speak on Monday (such as Boehner, Huckabee, Haley) will get a slot later in the week.

The roll-call vote nominating Mitt, which they wanted to have on network-coverage-free Monday because of concerns about the Ron Paul delegates, will now be on Tuesday.

2 comments on “Isaac Forces GOP Convention Delay

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    I applaud Isaac’s arrival at the RNC and can hope only that he causes great devastation.

    Thes group, the RNC is as representative of this country as is the Sumreme Commander of any of the Star Wars movies. They are a fictional lot.

  2. danielfee says:

    Let’s see if they find a spot for Huckabee. With him supporting Todd Akin they may not be able to find a time slot for him.

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