The Toto of 2012

From “Do You Get It?,” Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo:

“The intensity of the desire to banish Akin from the 2012 cycle is exactly in proportion to Republicans’ perceived vulnerability on what the Democrats term the ‘War on Women.’  And that means they feel pretty damned vulnerable. Akin is particularly ignorant and offensive. But his basic points are actually pretty similar to what a large swath of the Congressional GOP believes. Holding that up to bright light scrutiny just as the bulk of the public is tuning into the national political debate is perilous in the extreme.”

The truth is that they want Akin out not because he’s some outlier with bizarre views, but because he showed a little too much leg about what the pro-life movement and the GOP really believe.  He pulled back a curtain they wanted to keep drawn.  He’s the Toto of 2012.

White suburban women, the soccer moms of 2000 and security moms of 2004 who went for Bush, but then went for Obama in 2008, will decide this election.  Akin makes them flee from Romney and his Akin-clone Ryan.

One comment on “The Toto of 2012

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    We can only hope for this outcome that was actually an answer in the Sunday NYT crossword – totoannihilation

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