Does Mitt Oppose 2012 GOP Platform?

So is Mitt going to run against his party’s platform?  The platform panel for the GOP Convention today approved an anti-abortion plank that has no exceptions for rape or incest.

In the light of the Akin disaster, Mitt said yesterday a Romney administration wouldn’t oppose abortions for rape victims.

How can the GOP nominee not support his party’s platform, which means not supporting abortions for rape victims?

7 comments on “Does Mitt Oppose 2012 GOP Platform?

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    That whole platform will be blown away by hurricane Isaac, now tropical storm #9, on a direct path to Tampa just in time for the RNC. I love the poetic justice.

    • I know. It would be so cool to see the delegates clinging to roof tops as we approach the 7th anniversary of Katrina.

      • Harris Jordan says:

        You know their private jets and helicopters will be there to whisk them out of harms way, be damned the hotel maids and other service providers in place to clean up their mess and wait on these creeps.

  2. TAO says:

    Not to worthy – he has his flip flops on – any guess on the number of days before he is brought back in line?

  3. Harris Jordan says:

    Flip flopping away, flip flopping away all he really does each and every day is a flop flopping away.

  4. Roni Jordan says:

    Isaac now officially a named storm. My son Isaac is giddy with glee that his namesake could blow the RNC away.

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