Pressure on Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin

The GOP is trying to distance itself from Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s view that victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant and therefore have no need for abortions.*

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has said that it will pull $5 million in funding for the race if he doesn’t drop out.  Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS  has stopped running ads in Missouri.

Akin has until 5 P. M. tomorrow to drop out and let the GOP nominate another candidate, but so far he has refused to do so.

The GOP needs to win three seats to take control of the Senate if Mitt wins and four seats if Obama wins.  The Missouri seat now held by Dem Claire McCaskill was considered low-hanging fruit until Akin’s incendiary comments.

McCaskill said this morning that the comments were “a window into Todd Akin’s mind.”

They are also a window until the GOP itself.  Akin is not some weird anomaly in the party, some Tea Party guy with no government experience — he’s had six terms in the House of Representatives.

Akin really is where the party is now, he’s just more open and honest about it.  It used to be that the really fringe congressmen knew not to try for the Senate.  Now the fringe is running the party, so people like Akin can be not just one of 435, which is bad enough, but one of 100, which is far worse.

As the GOP tries to distance itself from Akin, all non-extreme Americans need to distance themselves from the GOP.

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