Akin and Ryan — Two Peas in the Crazy Pod

I want to thank Todd Akin for drawing attention to Paul Ryan’s extreme abortion views by drawing attention to his own.

In an interview on Mike Huckabee’s radio show today (Huckabee had endorsed Akin in the primary), Akin said that he misspoke when he said “legitimate rape.”  No, he meant “forcible rape.”  Oh, that makes it a whole lot better!

If the term “forcible rape” sounds not just absurd, but familiar, that’s because it was used back in 2011 in H. R. 3, until a public outcry got the GOP to remove the word “forcible,” since rape by definition is forced and not consensual.

You know who co-sponsored H. R. 3 with its “forcible rape” language along with Todd Akin?

There’s no difference, people, except that Ryan is a little more careful about hiding his crazy.  But in terms of how they would legislate and govern, same thinking, same guy.

Mitt is running scared today that Akin could hurt him.  But that’s not Akin’s fault, it’s Mitt’s fault for picking the extremist Ryan.


One comment on “Akin and Ryan — Two Peas in the Crazy Pod

  1. TAO says:

    I’ve been reading a Catholic forum thread on this and it is interesting to say the least…

    Mom said Ryan was charming and then I told her his position on abortion – just hoping she remembers that conversation when she gets to the polls…that’s what I worry about with the senior vote – those whose memory is failing them and only remember the most recent sound bytes…

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