5 comments on “Report That Hillary Turned Down Veep

  1. I don’t buy this for a number of reasons, first and foremost being: If I were going to do this, and I’m Obama, I’m certainly not going to let an aide handle it.

    Besides the fact that you’re allowing one more person who could leak the info to be in the loop, I think being asked to be VP is kind of a big deal. It seems like it’s the kind of thing a person would do face-to-face, between the two primary parties, most likely alone; because I’m assuming there’d be some serious stuff to hash out.

    They love bashing Joe Biden and trying to make him appear weak. They don’t realize how well he’s liked by moderates and non-conservatives.

    • Hillary’s spokesman is denying that such a meeting ever took place, and is calling Ed Klein a liar. I found his book, The Amateur, to be extremely amateurish.
      The rationale for having Valerie Jarrett make the offer (and she’s more than an aide, she’s a very close friend to both the Obamas) was that it would have been too insulting to the President if he made the offer directly and Hillary turned him down.
      I agree that Biden is well-liked, and I think people admire him for the way he coped with his wife’s and baby daughter’s deaths and his sons’ grave injuries.

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