His Consultants Made Him Do It

From “Romney:  No more Obama’s a Mr. Nice Guy,” Reid J. Epstein, Politico:

“For months, Romney held back on Obama, GOP strategist Rick Wilson said, because his team was holding out hope that it could reach independent and moderate voters. But Obama’s attacks on Romney’s Bain Capital career…ended his inhibitions.

“’When the Bain ads started to hit, it hurt him, being a successful business guy is at the core of what Mitt Romney is all about,’ Wilson said. ‘Mitt Romney was saying Barack Obama is a nice guy because his consultants were telling him to lie.'”

This is who we want in the Oval Office — someone who lies when his consultants tell him to?!

2 comments on “His Consultants Made Him Do It

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    Isn’t everyone’s head just about to explode with all this political bs?
    A billion dollars will be spent on this crap slinging by one camp against the other.
    The media benefits. Do they really need the revenue or do the upside down homeowners need the money?
    It really is time to stop the nonsense.
    I believe in free speech but this speech isn’t free.

    Between Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, and Fox News on one side and Larry O’Donnel, Chris Mathews and Rachel Madow on the other side, it’s just gotten vile!

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