Janna Ryan’s Family

The fact that Paul Ryan’s wife, Janna, is the niece of former Oklahoma Sen. David Boren, a Dem, is getting a lot of press.

We should also note that her grandfather, Reuel Little, started a third-party in Oklahoma in the 1960’s to get George Wallace on the ballot for president.  Maybe some white sheets among the dirty linen?

2 comments on “Janna Ryan’s Family

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    If Ryan was affected and influenced by Ayn Rand he totally misunderstood her philosophy.
    She hated politicians of any kind and all he’s been is a politician. Not to mention that she was a serious atheist.

  2. harris jordan says:

    Ayn Rand is spinning in her grave.

    Ryan professes that Rand was a great inspiration to him. He stands for all the things she detested. A life of public service. Seems Ryan’s wife, also politically connected, either didn’t read Rand or had the sense not to mention her name.

    What phonies!

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