Little-Girl Mitt

Wow, just wow!  In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd poor little Mittens said that his campaign would be “helped immensely” if he could get an “agreement” with those big, bad Obama people not to talk about “business or family or taxes or things of that nature.”

Yes, that’s exactly what Obama thinks every morning when he wakes up — how can I help Mitt’s campaign today?  Hell, I’m a generous guy, how can I help it immensely?

Mitt’s the one who said he should be president because of his Bain experience.  So now he doesn’t want to talk about those 25 years, or however many he had before he “retired retroactively” in 2002?

You’re nominating this sniveling, pathetic little coward, GOP?  Wouldn’t you really rather hold him down and cut his hair with a pair of scissors?  Isn’t that the emotional response this wimp evokes in you?

Netanyahu is shaking his head, Putin and Ahmadinejad are laughing their asses off.  As they are in the White House and Chicago too.

3 comments on “Little-Girl Mitt

  1. You go, EF. That’s some strong writing in this post.

    And your point is dead on. I don’t remember anyone laying off Obama on the Kenyan, Muslim angle when he was running in 08.

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