Counter-Intuitive in Colorado

Talking Points Memo has a story up* that seems counter-intuitive at first, arguing that the referendum in Colorado to legalize marijuana might hurt President Obama.  After all, when measures banning gay marriage have appeared on state ballots, it’s helped the GOP.  So the pot measure should bring out younger voters, who will vote both for the measure and for Obama, who won Colorado in 2008 by 9%.

But it looks as if the pot measure might help Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate who supports legalization of marijuana.  Yesterday’s PPP poll (which leans Dem) showed Johnson getting 6% among likely voters in Colorado.  That poll showed Obama over Romney by 6% with just the two of them in the race, but only 4% with Johnson included.

Today’s Quinnipiac/CBS News/NYT Colorado poll, which didn’t include Johnson, shows Mitt up over Obama, 50 to 45%.

It will be a little weird if Colorado votes for both Mitt and pot.

* “Poll:  Colorado Pot Amendment Could Pass — And Hurt Obama,” Tom Kludt

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