Mitt’s Campaign Is Just One Lie After Another

With the economy as bad as it is, you’d think Mitt could build a campaign around the truth.  But noooooooooooooooo!

It’s just one lie after another.  The “You didn’t build it” crap, the “Obama doesn’t want our brave servicemen and women to vote in Ohio” garbage, and now Mitt’s ad about welfare.

In response to states’ requests for more flexibility on welfare requirements, including from some GOP governors, the Obama administration said yes, which the GOP should view as a victory for states’ rights, one of their pet causes.

But Mitt is twisting this devolution of power to the states as Obama just letting more lazy people collect welfare checks, which is not what this is about at all.  And what better issue than welfare to get that racist subtext across?  He’s black, of course he wants to make it easier for people to collect welfare.

BTW, when Mitt was governor of Massachusetts, he requested waivers under the Clinton welfare reform law.

If Mitt is so cavalier about lying to us now, anybody think he’ll be honest once he’s sitting in the Oval Office?




16 comments on “Mitt’s Campaign Is Just One Lie After Another

  1. First of all let me compliment you and say that I absolutely love this article. It encapsulates the heart of liberal ignorance in such a compelling manner. To address a few of your points:

    1. Obama did say of people with their own business “…you didn’t build that.”

    2. As I am sure you are up on your Constitutional law, the 10th Amendment reserves certain “police powers” like *health, safety, and education to the states, as the individual states are in a better position to make these determinations for their citizenry. This is why Mr. Romney’s actions as governor of Mass are not contradictory, but well in line with traditional principles of state sovereignty.

    3. The only people taking issue or even making mention of President Obama’s race are liberals. How ironic that Conservatives see and refer to our President in terms of his policy and practice, but the very first descriptor liberals use to reference him with regards to any issue is his being Black. Isn’t our president a little more than just a Black guy?? Give the man some credit. And this from his own party, how insulting. Really.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to insult, and I do respect your enthusiasm, but your article just seemed a bit misinformed.


    • 1. Obama said you didn’t build roads and other infrastructure, not you didn’t build your business.
      2. Both Mitt’s actions as governor and his lies about President Obama deal with waivers on welfare, with giving states more power to decide how to get people working. He can’t ask for a waiver in one instance and decry the granting of waivers in another. He can do so, but he can’t do it honestly and coherently and in good faith. But nothing about his campaign is honest or coherent or in good faith.
      3. This race-baiting is the same garbage we had with Reagan and Welfare Queens in their Cadillacs, the same garbage Newtie was selling when he called Obama the Food Stamp President. It is the Southern Strategy writ large and nationwide.
      I think you are the one who is misinformed.

      • As it is now late and I have work in the morning, let me just respond to #1 at the moment. Here’s to misinformation:

      • “That” refers to roads and bridges, to infrastructure, not “business.” He isn’t saying people didn’t build their businesses. Mitt has said similar things in the past, about people benefiting from government. Obama is talking about what has always been our system — the system that built the Erie Canal and the Hoover Dam and the TVA and the Interstate Highway System. This “You didn’t build it” meme is a flat-out lie. Where are Mitt’s ideas? When I worked on the 2008 presidential campaign, my guy was overflowing with ideas. He didn’t spend his campaign lying about other candidates, he used it to express his own ideas about health care, education, immigration, Social Security, taxes, fighting terror, etc. Mitt’s ads and speeches should be about his domestic and foreign policy vision, not lies about Obama. I spent a year as director of policy for a presidential candidate. In that year, I never once wrote something that was a lie. In that year, I never once heard my candidate say something that was a lie.

    • Roni Jordan says:

      The blogger is well-informed; you are not.

  2. Harris Jordan says:

    This lying son of a bitch makes Tricky Dicky
    look like a quire boy, Mother Teresa, and Ghandi all wrapped into one hell of a human being. But Nixon resigned in disgrace like his VP Agnew, didn’t he? And Ford pardoned him right?
    So why can’t most Americans (not the one percenters) see this lying sack of shit for who he truly is?
    Must be the race thing.
    Thought we were beyond that. I must be naive.
    His candidacy really sickens me. The other candidates were simply clowns but this man is evil and he might get elected. God save us from this, please.

    • Only a Liberal turns support for Mitt Romney into racism or patronization of Chick Fil A into anti-gay. Guess race is more important to Liberals than actual discussion of the issues; and intolerance of religious beliefs more important than Free Speech, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Religion. Who are the REAL bigots here??? Not hard to figure out.

      • So yes, you are naive. Open your eyes and take responsibility for the ignorance you spout, young man. God bless.

      • harris jordan says:

        As a life long Massachusetts resident, and an attorney practicing criminal law for 35 years, my statement that I must be naive was rhetorical.

        I’ve lived under the pseudo governorship of Willard Romney who took on the job for two of his four year term and then went off nationally to seek the 2008 presidency, which, thank God he failed to obtain. Romney Care was his only achievement.

        Romney raised fees in Massachusetts exponentially and claimed he didn’t raise taxes. The fees were far worse than any reasonable tax hike would have been.

        He caused a constitutional crisis by refusing to sign the funding bill for constitutionally protected legal services for the indigent as was decided many years ago in the Supreme Court case of Gideon v. Wainright. Criminal defendants were allowed to hit the streets with no bail set because Romney wouldn’t pay the court appointed lawyers who were working for minimal fees to begin with. This he created a public danger by letting criminals out on the streets who a judge would have held on bail. However, without the criminal having counsel to represent them, the judge’s had to let them go. The public was outraged and Romney finally decided to fund the bill for lawyers.

        This is a mere example of what it would be like living with him as president.

        The blogger is right and you are wrong about the interpretation of the “building your business” baloney. Obama was talking about inrfrastructure. Please review the entire speech, not simply the snippets Romney’s people used to distort the truth.

        I respect your rights to disagree with me but I would appreciate it if you would look at the whole picture and see the truth. The truth will set you free!!!!

      • Well put! Thanks for the defense. I hope I won’t be getting a bill?!

  3. I read on one blog from a conservative about what a travesty this is for Romney.

    The guy said not only has he created a lie that the media will call him out for, but he’s also pissed off Bill Clinton, who will probably be on weekend shows hammering him.

    I’m not sure Romney wants to take on Bill Clinton.

  4. TAO says:

    Scratching my head trying to figure out the first commentors point. He noted as Gov – Rommey had the right point of states making the decisions – running for President he is against the 10th amendment giving the states power to make the system work with that state? Shouldn’t the concept be working in tangent (federal and state) to give the individual states the right to make the choices – like President Obama did by complying with the Republican Govenors who requested that right?

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading President Clinton’s rebuttal of the newest ad btw…

    (not sure if you want the link here or not but as it is moderated I am including it)

  5. Roni Jordan says:

    Unleash the wrath of Bill – I love that Mitt’s mendacious behavior has awakened his ire.

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