Will Palin Speak at GOP Convention?

The RNC has released a list of some convention speakers.  John McCain is on that list, but Sarah Palin is not.

Condi Rice is there, which means, for those still holding out hope, she absolutely, positively won’t be the vice presidential nominee.

Others scheduled to speak are South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Those who aren’t on the list because their absence is intended to keep the veep speculation going include Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman, and Paul Ryan.  I expect the ones who don’t get the nod to have a consolation prize speaking slot.

Also not on the speakers’ list so far — Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, and Rudy Giuliani.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is believed to be giving the keynote address, although that hasn’t been officially announced.

8 comments on “Will Palin Speak at GOP Convention?

  1. They better invite her or the grizzly bear and all her followers will tear Romney up.

    I will probably always wonder if she could have won the primary had she run.

    • She would not have won the primary, it would still be Mitt. She can’t withstand a serious vetting, her skeletons need a walk-in closet.

      • Yeah, but she always has a way of turning things around. Either blaming the media or I’m sure she’d have called Mitt every thing from a Northeastern pansy to a man who didn’t deserve to be called a patriot since neither he nor his sons have served, something she has a leg up on him in regards to.

        She had big crowds when she was teasing everyone with the idea. At least her followers would have been excited. I don’t see them reacting the same with Mitt.

      • But there were other social conservatives who would have split the non-Mitt vote with her. That’s how we got McCain in 2008 and Mitt this time. The base splits its vote and ends up with the guy it really doesn’t like or want.

      • Yeah, that’s true. And a loss — especially if it turned into an embarrassing loss — would have ended her lucrative career on the sidelines.

        Always so much easier to watch from the stands and lob derision and criticism without breaking a sweat.

  2. harris jordan says:

    Sounds like a return to the “circus” of the debate phase of this Republican debacle.

  3. danielfee says:

    Not a chance. After she bad mouthed him all the way through the primaries I would be shocked if she were permitted to speak. If they want crazy they can go with “the Donald”.

    • I’m guessing they’ve offered her something, but it’s not good enough in terms of prime time. Not having her speak (when she’s just had victories in four Senate primaries and could have a fifth tomorrow) would upset the base, who already mistrust Mitt, and no one will vote against Mitt solely because Palin spoke at the convention (there are so many other reasons!). He can lose enthusiasm by shutting her out, but won’t lose votes by including her.

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