Time Running Out to Stop Iran

Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran

Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran, photo by AP
Barak Ravid reports for Haaretz that Iran is closer than we thought to getting nuclear weapons:

“New intelligence information obtained by Israel and four Western countries indicates that Iran has made greater progress on developing components for its nuclear weapons program than the West had previously realized, according to Western diplomats and Israeli officials who are closely involved in efforts to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb.

“A Western diplomat who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to discuss intelligence information said the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Israel agree on that assessment.”

Mitt and the GOP have faulted Obama for not being tough enough on Iran’s nuclear quest.  If something happens militarily before the election, they won’t be able to criticize him without looking hypocritical and wimpy.  Hypocritical doesn’t faze them, hypocritical is GOP default mode, but they can’t risk looking wimpy.

One comment on “Time Running Out to Stop Iran

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    Looks like Iran is going to experience the “Big Bang” theory which might actually catapult them into the 21st century from the dark ages of where their theocratic regime has left an otherwise progressive and intelligent populace in the doldrums.
    Syne this is their way out of the “horse latitudes”.
    Okay Israel, you have my permission to move forward. But make sure you can handle it yourselves. No one on the ground in this go around!

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