Will GOP Succeed Because They Support Failure?

It will be bad enough if Mitt wins.

But it will just kill me if he wins because the failing austerity policies in Europe do so much damage to our economy that they cost President Obama the election, the same misguided austerity policies that the GOP wants to impose here.

So European economic failure would generate GOP success would in turn would generate American economic failure.  Who’s on first?

3 comments on “Will GOP Succeed Because They Support Failure?

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    Forgive me blogger for what I am about to write but knowing how you feel about Romney and your true desire that he be defeated by Obsms or better yet not even get the nomination, I can no longer tolerate you addressing him as Mitt or Mittens. Those terms are his terms. His self mandated appellation.
    Any time from herein out then, when I see you refer to him as Mitt or Mittens I shall stop reading that particular blog and of course make no comment.
    For him to be addressed by you as Mitt or Mittens almost sounds affectionate, and likens the name “Dolphy” to Adolph.
    I am imploring you to call him either Romney or Willard and not play into his game.

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