Is Wisconsin Really a Battleground?

After the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker failed, there were noises that the state was now competitive for the GOP in the presidential race.  President Obama carried Wisconsin in 2008 by 14%.  He consistently leads in polls there by 6-8%.

The GOP hasn’t put their money where their mouths are because so far they’re not running ads in Wisconsin.

As Journal Sentinel reporter Craig Gilbert notes,* Wisconsin is being treated as a second-tier state for the GOP, below places like Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and New Hampshire.

I think Obama will carry Wisconsin again, although not by 14%.  But it’s still the same number of electoral votes.  The electoral college map just doesn’t favor Mittens.

* “Wisconsin:  a very quiet presidential battleground.”

4 comments on “Is Wisconsin Really a Battleground?

  1. ws141 says:

    Not sure how you could be so wrong. Walker was down by 8% by some polls and wound up winning by around 8. Polls have no consequence. Voter suppression laws have redrawn the electoral map. As a result, states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida, just to name a few, are now just as red as Texas.

  2. Always enjoy reading your insight. Makes me sound more edumacated and informed. : )

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