Mitt Will Lose Because He Thinks He’s Better Than We Are

From “Pathos of the Plutocrat,” Paul Krugman, NYT:

“Anyway, what’s now apparent is that the [Romney] campaign was completely unprepared for the obvious questions, and it has reacted to the Obama campaign’s decision to ask those questions with a hysteria that surely must be coming from the top.  Clearly, Mr. Romney believed that he could run for president while remaining safe inside the plutocratic bubble and is both shocked and angry at the discovery that the rules that apply to others also apply to people like him.  [F. Scott] Fitzgerald again, about the very rich:  ‘They think, deep down, that they are better than we are.’

“There are plenty of very rich Americans who have a sense of perspective, who take pride in their achievements without believing that their success entitles them to live by different rules.

“But Mitt Romney, it seems, isn’t one of those people.  And that discovery may be an even bigger issue than whatever is hidden in those tax returns he won’t release.”

Krugman’s point here is why I believe it’s okay to dislike Mitt without engaging in class warfare.  I don’t hate rich people, I just really dislike this particular rich person.

Also, Krugman shows why Mitt is more un-American than anything the fevered brains of the far right can dream up about President Obama.  There is nothing more un-American, more antithetical to who we are as a people, than thinking you’re better than other people, and I agree with Krugman that Mitt (and Ann) believe that they are superior to those of us who don’t move in their charmed circles.  It’s hard to be down-to-earth when you’re atop a dressage horse or a car elevator.


4 comments on “Mitt Will Lose Because He Thinks He’s Better Than We Are

  1. I’m obviously an idiot on the ways of those with money, but what exactly do you do with a car elevator? What’s the purpose of one? And why would you want a car not on the ground?

    • A car elevator lets you get four cars in the space of a two-car garage because two cars are on top of the other two. Mitt’s lot in La Jolla isn’t that big (as oceanfront lots tend to be fairly small), so he would have had to give up a chunk of living space to have a ground-level four car garage. Neighborhoods like that have tight restrictions on how big your structure (living space + garage) can be relative to the lot size.

  2. Romney never did anything for America. He only took from America. His father gave him the silver spoon with which he ladled the good life out for himself. He never fought in America’s wars, nor did his sons. He never took out a student loan for school. He never worked a real job, getting either his hands dirty, working up a sweat or creating a product.
    He built a capital equity company which flourished with the demise of corporate entities he raided, stripped bare and scuttled for profit.
    Now, this man wants to tell you what you can do and not do in and with your life. He wants to be the arbiter of all things moral and immoral. as though a God.
    He wants to be president not because he’s qualified or deserves to be president. He wants to be president because he thinks it would be fun being the most powerful person in the world. It’s not enough for him to be the most powerful person in his current circles. No, he wants it all.
    Please, let’s not give it to him.

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