I Agree With Ann Romney

Ann Romney says they’re not releasing any more tax returns because “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life.”

I’ve seen enough to know that average working people will be better off if I vote for President Obama.

So I think she’s right that we have enough information about who Mittens is and whose side he’s on to make up our minds in this election.

She also said that he didn’t need to release more tax returns because he gives 10% of his income to the Mormon Church!  Last I checked the Mormon Church wasn’t paying to defend this country.  This is as if I fed my two dogs this morning, and told my three cats I didn’t need to feed them because I’d given big helpings to the dogs.

The Romney campaign has planned to deploy Ann to “soften” Mitt.  I think she comes across as stuck up and out of touch as he does.


7 comments on “I Agree With Ann Romney

  1. philowitz says:

    The ‘you people’ phrase is priceless.

    I’m wondering whether the Romney’s will require the vp candidates to release their tax returns to ‘you people’, or at least to ‘some people’. Perhaps the ‘people’ who will be allowed to view them are members of the club of those Ann approves of.

    • I’m sure all those on the veep short list had to provide many years of tax returns.
      I’m happy to be part of “you people” and not Ann’s “us people.” I really don’t need an elevator for my car or a dancing horse.

  2. Roni Jordan says:

    She comes off like Leona Helmsley reincarnate. She also stated that he didn’t take a salary for the four years he was guv of massachusetts. Good, since he never showed up for work and spent his time globe-trotting for president.

  3. Roni Jordan says:

    She also comes across about as soft as Callista Gingrich.

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