It Can’t Be Condi

There are lots of noises that Mitt should/will pick Condi Rice for his Veep.

But he can’t.  She’s pro-choice, and that automatically disqualifies her.

Mitt is already mistrusted by the base for his flip-flops on abortion.  Sure, she could flip too and say she’s no longer pro-choice, but I don’t think that would fly with an already queasy and suspicious base.

Mitt’s trying to get credit for considering a woman who also happens to be African-American, without the grief he’d get from actually choosing her.  Typical Mitt, looking for benefits with no costs.

2 comments on “It Can’t Be Condi

  1. harris jordan says:

    You keep referring to the Republican base. Would you explain to me and perhaps to your readers who comprises the “Republican base”? I know the tea party is not the base, and they seem to be more prolife Santorumistic that other main stream Republican party members.

    Can you define the Republican base? Obviously, democratic women do not have the exclusive use of the process of abortion or birth control, etc, and so I am not understanding who belongs to the Republican base according th this blogger.

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