Who’s Behind the Bain Stuff?

Someone is pushing hard on the Bain stuff, and I wonder if maybe it’s not a Dem.  First, it was pushed by David Corn at Mother Jones, then expanded on by Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo with more SEC documents, and then picked up by The Boston Globe.

This is the kind of attack you’d expect the Obama campaign to pursue in the fall, after the conventions, when they want to go after Mitt’s character and brand him a liar.

That’s why I wonder if there are GOP Powers That Be who are trying to derail Mitt now and keep him from being the nominee.  They know he’s a disaster.

Would it be too late for someone else to get a campaign up and running?  I don’t think so.  First of all, a lot of the work is going to get done by outside groups like Karl Rove’s.   Those folks are already geared up.  Plus, there are plenty of good policy advisers, strategists, ad people, etc. who aren’t currently working for Mitt, but who have solid experience on presidential campaigns.  The state and local parties have their people in place ready to help with events and logistics.  And no one runs in all 50 states anyway.

Who would they crown?  Not Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum.  I’m thinking someone who doesn’t freak out independents, but would be fine with the base, someone like Tim Pawlenty or Mike Huckabee.

If I’m right — you read it here first.  If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time!

8 comments on “Who’s Behind the Bain Stuff?

  1. You’re not wrong about the powers that be wanting and planning to scuttle Romney’s nomination. You’re wrong about the possibilities of Pawlenty and Huckabee.
    It also wouldn’t be any of the clowns in the previous circus that came to town and did about 20 performances.
    It will be someone out of the blue like a Dan Quayle, but someone who will know how to spell potato and tomato.

  2. philowitz says:

    I’ve been thinking along the same lines, but I would look to the Paultards.

    • I’m interested to see if the Paul people take Nebraska tomorrow. If they do, he’s won five states and gets his name placed in nomination.
      Whatever happens with Mitt/Bain, Ron Paul isn’t going to be the nominee. It’s a question of how much embarrassment he can cause the party.

      • philowitz says:

        I will watch tomorrow’s Nebraska outcome with interest. The goal for Ron Paul might be to get Rand Paul nominated as vp.

      • Mitt wouldn’t pick Rand. Mitt’s in enough trouble already. He’s not going to choose the guy who tried to attach a personhood amendment to the transportation bill.

  3. EF, that’s an interesting proposition — that it’s be leaked by someone on the right.

    I was wondering late last night if it was too late for the GOP to pick someone else. But I would assume Romney would have to step down, right? (Since he won the necessary number of votes?)

    Anyway, he’s certainly not getting it done. But as one of my conservative friends said, it doesn’t matter who runs to those on the right. It’s anyone but Obama.

    BUT, whoever that person that runs is, they must be able to earn the votes of the moderates who are in the middle. Otherwise it doesn’t matter.

    Oh, and if you want a laugh for the day, see this: http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2012/07/12/the-left-tacitly-admits-mitt-romney-hit-a-home-run-at-the-naacp-on-wednesday/

    And there I thought Romney bombed at the NAACP… : )

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