Is Mitt Lying to Us or to the SEC?

Mitt keeps saying that he retired from Bain Capital in February 1999.  He’s been saying this since his run for Massachusetts governor in 2002 to avoid responsibility for bankruptcies and layoffs in companies Bain owned.  It’s been his claim in both his presidential runs.

But nine SEC filings between 1999 and 2002 name Mitt as Bain’s chief executive and chairman, including five new partnerships.  If people invested in Bain believing that he was running it, and he wasn’t, that’s one hell of a misrepresentation.

Moreover, Mitt filed a financial disclosure in Massachusetts in 2003 declaring that he owned all of Bain Capital in 2002.  And Mitt’s severance agreement with Bain was reached in 2002.

Either Mitt is lying to the American people now or lied to the SEC then.  If it’s the former, he shouldn’t be president.  If it’s the latter, he should be prosecuted.

My guess is that since the SEC filings didn’t become an issue in his Massachusetts run, he figured he could get away with his claims about leaving Bain in early 1999 at the presidential level.  Politicians believe this at their peril.  National politics is a whole other level of scrutiny.  Sleeping dogs wake up, and sometimes they bark very loudly demanding attention.

4 comments on “Is Mitt Lying to Us or to the SEC?

  1. ws141 says:

    If you say a lie long enough it becomes truth.

  2. Doug says:

    I don’t see how the Romney camp walks away from the Globe story. He was or was not paid 100k from Bain in 01 and 02 or not. He was CEO or not. This is amazing.

  3. So how do we take this to the next level and have moron Mitt either prosecuted for a federal crime of perjury to the SEC or disqualified by the Republican National Committee as a candidate for the presidency of the United States or even dog catcher of the United States.

  4. danielfee says:

    I vote for Mitt, which is the only time I will vote for him.

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