The Unbearable Lightness of Being Mitt

Fox News asked voters if they think President Obama has a clear plan for improving the economy.  Only 41% said he did, and 53% said he did not.

Good news for Mitt?  Not exactly.  Asked the same question about Mitt, only 27% said he had a clear plan, and 55% said he did not.

Vapidity got Mitt the nomination, but it won’t get him the White House.  His content-free campaign is catching up with him and keeping him from catching Obama.

The economy (which will not improve between now and November) tells me Obama should lose, but emotion tells me Mitt can’t win.  Elections ultimately are about emotions, and we don’t have a good feeling about Mitt.  We may be in the frying fan with Obama, but we know we could end up in the fire.

16 comments on “The Unbearable Lightness of Being Mitt

  1. You betcha!
    Who used to say that?

  2. danielfee says:

    Isn’t it fun watching these Fox News viewers come to grips with the fact that Mitt is their guy? They know Mitt would be a terrible president, but they just cannot stand Obama.

    • As much fun as one can have in such a terrible economy.

    • danielfee,

      Do you think they actually think he’d be a terrible president? I’m not sure that they do. I think they honestly believe if Obama is elected it will be the end of “freedom and liberty,” as is so often said.

      As a moderate, I can guarantee you those lines are not going to win over those in the middle, but spout them to no end everyone on the right seems to continue to do.

      Anyway, I don’t watch Fox News — don’t have cable — so who knows what they (or those on the left) are saying.


      • I think they know he’d be a terrible president. He’s not tough enough for the job.
        I would probably live longer if I didn’t have Fox. I expect every hour I watch takes time off my life.
        I’ve started your book. The writing is excellent, and it’s an engrossing plot. I’m on Chapter 13.

      • Oh, excellent. If you’ve made it that far, you’re going to love it. It just keeps getting better and better! And I hope you’ll consider remembering what you like and throwing up an Amazon review for me. (Even jsut a few lines.) Those help so, so much. (Assuming, of course, that you can do it in a way that protects your anonymity on here. If not, don’t sweat it.)

        BTW, I sold five books today, so make sure you’re working on your novel, as well. Have a great night. It’s late here on teh East Coast!

      • I am planning to do a review. Congrats on selling five books today. I’m planning to get back to the novel tomorrow. At least open the cupboard a crack and peer in.

      • Sweet. And I’ll bet once you start reading it, you’ll find it’s better and closer to being prepared than you thought. And if it’s not and will require a ton of work, you can chuck it out and start from scratch.

      • I have one book in me. I’m not starting from scratch!

      • Oh, I don’t think I knew that. What’s it about?!

      • It’s about an Upper East Side debutante/heiress from ages 15 to 50 and the three men in her life. It ends just after 9/11. So a little different from your book! It’s interesting how our imaginations work and the different worlds we create.

      • So would you say it’s a romance book?

      • Romance makes me think of Danielle Steel, and it’s not that. There’s a lot about religion and social class, coping (or not) with the loss of a child. Philip Roth meets Edith Wharton?

      • Gotcha. Yeah, not romance!

    • They know they really don’t want Sweaty Armpit Mitt (his Bain nickname) negotiating with our enemies and frenemies. Mitt doesn’t have the right stuff to be commander in chief.

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