Quote of the Day

“The politics and economics of health care are plain wacky.  From the moment, in early 2009, when Obama backed away from the public option and embraced Romneycare, things have been turned upside down with liberals supporting a costly and hideously complicated giveaway to the health-care industry, and conservatives depicting a reform that originated at the Heritage Foundation as a socialist takeover.  People on both sides are spouting claims that five years ago they would have dismissed as arrant nonsense.”

John Cassidy, “John Roberts and Mitt Romney:  Two Peas in a Pod,” The New Yorker

2 comments on “Quote of the Day

  1. What needs to be done is a simplification of this gigantic piece of legislation:
    When laws this complicated are enacted, the public becomes as frustrated or more frustrated than attorneys who can’t understand
    In Massachusetts, Chapter 269 of the general laws, governing firearms and other weapons and devices, and Chapter 90 of the general laws, governing motor vehicle laws, are two examples of legislatures gone wild and amok having created virtually unreadable and impossibly complex laws that baffle the most intelligent legal practitioners.

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