Bobby Jindal’s Freudian Slip

In a conference call for Mitt’s campaign, Jindal had a Freudian slip and referred to Obamacare as “Obamneycare,” that unfortunate (but true) term coined by Tim Pawlently during the primary.

If he had any shot at being Veep, that slip was the “death panel” for his chances.  Mitt is more likely to pick Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Buh-buh, Bobby.

12 comments on “Bobby Jindal’s Freudian Slip

  1. I don’t know how he was ever he considered after giving such a pathetic response to Obama like a year or two ago…

    • When he appeared to give the response to the SOTU, standing in the front hall of the LA governor’s mansion, I looked at him and wanted to ask, “Is your mother home?”

      • It was terrible. Maybe they built him up too much, but I’d never seen him and all I heard was about this young, GOP superstar from the South.

        Wow. If he’s their superstar, then the GOP is in trouble.

      • Same with Rick Perry, all the other candidates were terrified of Mr. Oops until he actually showed up.

      • Even with the huge debate gaffe, I think Perry would have given Obama a much harder time. At least Perry is real and genuine. He likes people; people like him. This man is the kind of man who can kill a coyote while jogging and out of breath, which is not something I think Romney would do. I see Romney using his cell phone to call one of his aides to get pest control on the scene to remove those pesky coyotes.

        Americans want a fighter. Obama falls in that category. George W. Bush certainly did. But I’m not certain Mitt Romney does. He ran one of the most pathetic primary campaigns I can remember. He basically avoided interviews, raised a lot of money, and tried not to get caught on camera talking to regular people (because that’s when the real Mitt came to the forefront, and let’s face it, the guy is just plain awkward).

      • We didn’t see the real Perry. He was recovering from botched back surgery and was in pain and on heavy pain meds. He was done in by timing. I think he’ll be back.
        Mitt is beyond awkward, he’s weird. Awkward can be endearing, weird is creepy.

      • I considered the word weird, but don’t know him well enough to say that. I still would have rather seen Jeb Bush or Chris Christie take the nomination, then there would have been a heck of a fight.

      • I think Huck would have given him a heck of a fight. Too soon for another Bush.

      • I used to think too soon, as well, until I learned how moderate he is. Plus, he’s married to a Latino and doesn’t seem to be an extremist, as so many Republicans are these days. I used to like Huck until I caught him in some complete misrepresentations that no Christian could make in good conscience. Perhaps I’m being too hard on him, but if you want to go on and on about the Bible and Christianity, then you need to not act like a typical politician and use smears and lies against someone because you don’t like them. (I’m referring to somethings he said about Obama.)

      • I agree on both.
        Did you start your third novel today?

      • Hah! Boy, aren’t you the go-getter?!

        No, haven’t done a thing today, yet, but when I do, I have to type up some of the final pages. I wrote them longhand in pen, so that’s my next step.

        Did come up with the new name, and the cover idea. Will completely finish getting this one up and for sale before jumping into my next one.

        Great thing is my next one is 3/4 of the way done. I was working on it before my Western and got hung up on a part of it. Didn’t have it in me to toss about 10,000 words to get back where I needed to, but after finishing the Western and my first one, I’m ready for it! BTW, at some point, you’re going to have to actually e-mail me. Our comments are becoming mroe and more like e-mails, anyway! If you ever get to that point where you’re both up for it and trust me with your anonymity, you can email me from my “About Page.”

        Have a great night!

      • Thanks, I will email you.

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