Obama Best for Independence Day

And by Independence Day, I don’t mean the event next week, I mean the movie.

A new National Geographic poll (done in conjunction with their new series “Chasing UFOs”) found that almost 65% believe that President Obama would handle an alien invasion better than Mitt.  Aliens meaning extra-terrestrials, not Mexicans.

I find this interesting, given that so often in his off-the-cuff comments Mitt sounds like a Conehead.

3 comments on “Obama Best for Independence Day

  1. harris jordan says:

    In all respects Romney is alien to the American way of life. He was born with a silver spoon in his fork tongued mouth while 99.9% of all other Americans have had to work for a living. He cannot relate to the average Amertican citizen. His friends are all millionares and billionares. They “own hockey, football and baseball teams.”

    I can envision an alien invasion by extra-terrestrials. Before addressing the American people as president he would slick down his hair with Brylcream, don one of those Ward Cleaver little boy plaid shirts and tell us there’s nothing to worry about.

    What a shmuck!

  2. momshieb says:

    Oy, vey! Aliens!? Who thinks up these polls??

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