Serves Them Right

The NYT confirms* what I had suspected, that GOP leaders in Congress and Mitt’s campaign really didn’t want this Fast and Furious thing to blow up so big that it’s drowning out their message (such as it is) on the economy and jobs.

The Times says GOP leaders “adopted a go-slow approach,” but “they were powerless to prevent the blowup, pressed by a handful of Republican lawmakers [Darrell Issa, Jason Chaffetz, and Trey Gowdy] who have driven the issue and a conservative base that has followed it closely.”

I hope this teaches the sane people left in the GOP (Hello?  Anybody there?) a lesson.  Once the inmates have taken over the asylum, good luck getting back the keys.

I bet John of Orange would rather have a smoke with Obama than meet with some of his nut cases.

* “Partisan Confrontation That Not All Wanted,” Jonathan Weisman

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