Mitt Finally Responds to Prez

A week after President Obama announced the new DHS policy delaying deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants who came here as children, Mitt finally said that he would overturn it.  He had been asked over and over again what he would do and had previously refused to give a straight answer.

This guy is just too slow on the uptake to be president.  Mitch McConnell may look like a turtle, but Mitt moves like one.

World events don’t move at Mitt’s pace.  I know it’s almost impossible for voters to look past their partisan affiliations, but this guy really doesn’t have what it takes to handle the job.  Everyone says the toughest part of becoming president is having to make decision after decision very quickly, and all of them are complex.  The easy questions never reach the Oval Office.

Last go around the GOP nominated a disaster for Veep, now they’re putting a disaster at the top of the ticket.   This is why I’m so sure Mitt would be a one-termer, with big Dem gains in Congress in 2014.

One comment on “Mitt Finally Responds to Prez

  1. harris jordan says:

    Ever since Romney was aware that there was a silver spoon in his mouth he embraced his role in life with enthusiasm and attitude in knowing that he’d never have to earn any money and never want for it either because the “world was his oyster”.

    He thinks The United States of America is part of that oyster if not the oyster itself, and that it’s there for the taking. Please let’s show him he’s wrong.

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