Maybe Some Good Will Come from Fast and Furious

All administrations have embarrassing episodes, and Fast and Furious is certainly one of those.

But there’s embarrassing and then there’s crazy.  If the GOP pushes their insane conspiracy theory that Fast and Furious was really designed to take away our Second Amendment rights, then maybe some good will come of it.   It will reveal how radical and how crazy the Republicans have become, how unworthy of being one of our two mainstream parties.  The GOP hasn’t just refused to stand up to the nuts, it has let them take over.

This conspiracy theory makes no sense to me.  We’re supposed to believe that our providing a bunch of guns to Mexican drug lords would result in so much killing of Mexicans that Americans would be begging for more gun control.

But, really, why would Americans care if Mexicans get killed?  The truth is that about 100,000 Americans are shot or killed by guns every year (some of them children sitting in their living rooms watching TV when a bullet comes through the window), and we don’t demand more gun control.

If shootings of our own people don’t spur us to action, why would Mexican deaths?

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