Gretchen Carlson Just Plays Dumb for “the Folks”

So Gretchen Carlson isn’t actually a dumb blonde.  She just plays one on TV.   I knew she was a former Miss America, but I didn’t know she graduated from Stanford.  With honors!  Another fun fact — Michele Bachmann was her babysitter.  So be careful who you leave your children with.

I learned this from today’s NYT article about Fox and Friends* that also had this sad quote:

“Critics of the show include not just Democrats and comedy outlets like ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but reporters, producers and executives at Fox.  Ask them what they think privately, and they will often roll their eyes and mention some embarrassing mishap, like the time Steve Doocy…insisted in 2007 that the president was raised Muslim.”

Yet these people claim to love their country.

* “Enemies and Allies for ‘Friends,'” Jeremy W. Peters

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