Holder Contempt Vote

The House Oversight Committee has voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt, along straight party lines, 23-17.

The NRA, which supports holding him in contempt, has told House members it will score this vote and count it towards their ultimate rating.  What does the NRA have to do with this? You’ll be sorry you asked.  The NRA has bought into a right-wing conspiracy theory that believes Fast and Furious wasn’t a plan that went astray, but a plan that was intended to create so much gun violence on the border that Obama would take away our Second Amendment rights.

The NRA is convinced Obama wants to destroy the Second Amendment because he’s done nothing on gun control during his first term.  They say that was by design, to “lull us to sleep.”  I wish the GOP would have a similar scheme on abortion rights and lull us to sleep by doing nothing.

Boehner is planning to bring this to a full vote in the House next week.  I don’t think he believes the Second Amendment conspiracy stuff, but he has no control over the crazies in his party.

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