Aggressively Hip

Bill Keller, who gave up his job as executive editor of the NYT to spend more time with his family writing, has a column today* where he calls the HBO show Girls “aggressively hip.”  Keller is older than I am, and I know that I am too old to recognize “aggressively hip” if it comes up and bites me on the tush.  If something strikes me as “aggressively hip,” I know by definition it cannot be.

I just thought Girls was about a group of young people living in Hell, with Hell this time set in Brooklyn.  Maybe that’s redundant.

* “Wising Up to Facebook”


5 comments on “Aggressively Hip

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    It seems I can’t turn a page in the NYT’s without something about Lena Dunham biting me in the tush . . .he!!

  2. harris jordan says:

    Just watched the whole season in three days. Waiting for the finale this Sunday. Lena Dunham is a talented and brilliant young woman who knows no fear. The show is addictive.

    It’s definitely a black comedy. Dunham’s character Hannah is the “George Costanza” of the show but smarter, more sympathetic and intelligent.

    The problem will be how to continue this saga for more than a year or so. Everyone grows up eventually and if not, becomes homeless. I don’t see a successful show about a homless girl.

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