Walker’s Flood of Money Water-Boarded Barrett

From “How Walker Won,” William Finnegan, The New Yorker:

“But the ocean of campaign money that drowned Wisconsin was definitely something new.  More than sixty-three million dollars poured in….  According to the Center for Public Integrity, Walker outspent Barrett by seven and a half to one.  Barrett raised four million dollars in campaign donations, roughly a million of that from out of state.  Walker, meanwhile, raised more than thirty million, with twenty million of that from out of state.  Four of Walker’s top seven donors were out-of-state billionaires.  Many of these overfed cats are becoming familiar figures in our democracy:  Sheldon Adelson, the anti-union casino magnate; the brothers Koch, who bow to no man in their anti-unionism.

“The state-level equivalent of SuperPACs slopped another thirty million into the mix, three-quarters of that to Walker, nearly all of it from out of state.  The Walker campaign had so much cash, it seemed drunk.  After saturating the airwaves and wallpapering America’s dairyland with ad buys, it started running commercials on Madison’s favorite left-wing radio station, apparently just to show that it could.”  Emphasis added.

Now the GOP is emboldened, thinking it can do for Mitt what it did for Walker.  Wake up, Chicago, they’re coming for you.

2 comments on “Walker’s Flood of Money Water-Boarded Barrett

  1. harris jordan says:

    The really sad thing is not the money spent, it’s what the money buys.

    If you are inundated with ads that told you to eat 5 pounds of chocolate every day, and that if you didn’t eat the chocolate, you would die, would you eat that much chocolate?

    It seems that people are eating the chocolate.

    This what America has become: a country of stupid, self indulgent fools who buy what the pols are selling, failing to use common sense, falling for the constant con.

    I blame this on the complacency of the American people who are too lazy to read a newspaper or a book and rely exclusively on the daily CNN and FOX news bytes. With their eyes glued to their Iphones and Blackberrys, at restaurants, at sporting events, in their cars. Constantly texting and saying nothing. It’s pathetic.

    This is 1984 and you are being watched and manipulated 24/7.

    Big oil, big banks, big insurance and big drugs companies own you.

    The snake oil salesman is alive and well in America.
    and his name is Mitt Romney.

    How sad.

    Have another bite of chocolate.

  2. EF, thanks for that analysis.

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