Wisconsin Mirrors Presidential Campaign

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is expected to survive his recall challenge from Democrat Tom Barrett today.

The internals of the most recent polls show that Walker, like Mitt, does better among men and among those over 65.

Barrett, like Obama, does better among women and among those under 30.

One comment on “Wisconsin Mirrors Presidential Campaign

  1. william wallace says:

    The bubble of illusion regarding BARACK having burst
    people now clear from the illusion / with open eyes now
    seeing what a political fraudster BARACK / alway’s has
    been /thus having learnt a sad but very needed lesson.

    How does one ever fall for such fraudsters/the answer
    being media brainwashing /the media being a powerful
    force / in the hands of the wealthy they can spin out an
    agenda of their own peasing // to a people whom being
    over decades are the victims of an 24/7 ongoing media
    brainwashing / where half-truths lies deceit is but a part
    parcel of their lives. Lies have become truth / bad now
    being perceived as being good / Politicians are bought
    as sold by the wealthy / thus achieve their own private
    agenda // honesty / decency /having been abandoned.

    The mental state of the USA population is dire / brain
    development has been at a standstill for decades…..
    while brainwashing has thrived // the people gradually
    being stripped of all rights reduced to that of sheep to
    be fleeced / children looked on / as lamb for slaughter.

    Politicians have but abused the trust of the people to
    an stage politicians /no longer servants of the people
    the people are now the servants of corrupt politicians
    politicians whom having but stripped them of all rights
    the nation reduced to such corrupton wrongdoing its
    fate be as TITANIC in heading towards the ICEBERG.

    It realy is a time for the american people in awakening
    to the reality / not the diet of media illusion // before it
    being too late to alter course / in avoiding an dire fate.

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