The Donald Strikes Back

Trump has struck back at George Will, calling him the “dumbest political commentator of all time.”

But that response doesn’t have quite the oomph of Will’s calling Trump a “bloviating ignoramus,” does it?

To me, the fact that Mitt is so afraid of Trump that he feels compelled to campaign with him doesn’t say much about Mitt’s ability to take on Putin or Ahmadinejad, does it?   There’s just something so craven and cowardly about Mitt, you can see it in his eyes.

4 comments on “The Donald Strikes Back

  1. Mitt is like the cowardly lion except in one respect. He knows he doesn’t have a heart and he isn’t seeking one.

  2. Matt Bertles says:

    I like how a TV actor like Donald Trump has become a serious right wing commentator to be taken seriously. Why not ask the American Idol winner who should be president? No serious human takes anything Trump says about anything seriously. Trump is a circus barker. The fact that the magic underpants wearing robot is so desperate speaks way more about the robot than it does about the desperate TV whore than anything else.

    • Unfortunately, Americans like circus barkers and robots! Mitt is desperate for approval, and the Donald is desperate for attention. They’re both very powerful men, yet somehow pathetic.

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