Birther by Association

Donald Trump continues his birther ravings.  He’s now latched on to the 1991 pamphlet from President Obama’s literary agency that said he was born in Kenya.  Trump’s take — “He didn’t know he was running for president , so he told the truth.”

Mitt has scheduled two high-profile events with Trump, one in Las Vegas and one in New York.  Mitt either needs to dump Trump or Trump needs to back off the birther garbage.  I don’t see either happening, so Mitt will go through this campaign as a birther by association.

I also have a question for the birthers that I’ve never seen addressed.  They rely on a statute that applied to those born outside the U. S. before 1986.  That statute says that if your parents are married and one parent is foreign and you were born outside the U. S., the American parent must have lived in the U. S. for at least five years since he or she was 14.

The birther argument is that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, was 18 when Obama was born, so she hadn’t lived anywhere for five years since she was 14.  But Obama’s father was already married to a woman in Kenya when he married Ann Dunham, so he was guilty of bigamy, and Obama’s parents were never legally married, the marriage was void.  Therefore, I would argue that wherever Obama was born (and I believe it was Hawaii), he was born to a single mother who was American and therefore he was American.

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