Even Fox News Says Obama Is Winning

A new Fox News poll (alas, registered, not likely voters) show Obama up over Mitt, 46 to 39.

There are some fascinating internals.  The poll shows a huge gender gap, with Obama up among women by 55-33.  Mitt is up among men by 46-37.

Asked which one they would choose as a life coach, those polled chose Obama 47 to 33.  I don’t think I’ve seen that question before.

The dissatisfaction with Mitt among GOP voters is still there.  Asked if they were satisfied having Obama and Mitt as their choices, 74% of those supporting Obama said that they were, while only 59% of those supporting Mitt said the same.

This lack of enthusiasm shows when voters were asked to state in their own words why they support their candidate.  Of those supporting Mitt, 43% gave “He’s not Obama” as their top reason.  By contrast, of those supporting Obama, 25% gave “He’s doing a good job” as their top reason.  So Obama’s votes seem to be more pro-Obama, while Mitt’s seem to be more anti-Obama than pro-Mitt.

While Mitt is running on his business background, only 5% of his supporters called that background their main reason for voting for him.

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