What GOP Hates About Obamacare, It Loves for Medicare

If inconsistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, then both the Dems and the GOP must have gigantic minds when it comes to health care:*

“The type of competition Mr. Romney wants to see in Medicare is strikingly similar to the competition that is supposed to drive down commercial insurance prices under Mr. Obama’s health care law.  Under the law, people under 65 could choose among competing health plans offered through an insurance exchange in each state, and the government would subsidize premium for lower- and middle-income people.

“Ms. Rivlin** pointed to a curious paradox:  ‘Republicans object to exchanges in the Affordable Care Act and favor them in Medicare, while Democrats take the opposite, equally inconsistent, position.'”

*  Romney Medicare Plan Draws a Stark Contrast,” Robert Pear, NYT

** Alice Rivlin, Democrat and former head of the Congression Budget Office

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