More on Mitt “Scissorhands” Romney

From Charles M. Blow, “Mean Boys,” NYT:

“There was a malicious streak at the core of the high-school boy in these accounts.  Romney’s muddled and confusing explanation and half-apologies only reinforce concerns that there is also something missing from the core of the man:  sincerity and sensitivity.

“People understand regret.  Romney may have been applauded if he had chosen to express some to redeem himself, but he didn’t.  He chose obfuscation and obliviousness.  Romney has an uncanny ability to turn a bad thing into a worse thing by failing to be forthright.”

One comment on “More on Mitt “Scissorhands” Romney

  1. B.J.Simons says:

    I believe that Romney has some goal, a goal that he may or not be consciously aware of, to completely reverse progress and just become King.

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