Mitt’s Misguided Russia Stance

From “Romney’s Adversarial View of Russia Stirs Debate,” Richard A. Oppel, Jr., NYT:

“Mitt Romney’s recent declaration that Russia is America’s top geopolitical adversary drew raised eyebrows and worse from many Democrats, some Republicans and the Russians themselves, all of whom suggested that Mr. Romney was misguidedly stuck in a cold war mind-set.

“Some former diplomats and Russia specialists, and some leading Republicans in Congress, have also questioned his characterization of the country as America’s major foe.  Many experts, including some close to his campaign, see a declining power that the United States will need to help manage global challenges.  Some analysts also say Mr. Romney understates the help Russia has provided in dealing with rogue states, like backing a heavy-arms embargo and other sanctions against Iran in 2010.

“‘There’s a whole school of thought that Russia is one you need to work with to solve other problems in the world, rather than being the problem,’ said Thomas de Waal, a Russia expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.”

I know Mitt looks presidential.  But the substance really isn’t there.  He’s not far above the dismal “I can see Russia from my house” level of expertise and understanding.


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