Mitt’s Tough Slog to 270

It won’t be easy for Mitt to get 270 electoral votes.

First, he has to win back three of the traditionally GOP states that Obama won — Indiana, North Carolina, and Virginia.  Virginia is especially challenging, and right now Obama has a sizable lead there.  Mitt is going to have a hard time with women in the DC suburbs who are fed up with Governor Ultrasound (Bob McDonnell).

Second, Mitt has to win the two big toss-up states of Ohio and Florida that Obama won last time.

Third, he has to add one smaller toss-up state that Obama won, like Iowa or New Hampshire.

So Mitt really has to run the table on these Obama states.  I see him getting some, but not all, not enough.

One comment on “Mitt’s Tough Slog to 270

  1. harris jordan says:

    For so many people to have had the wool pulled over their eyes in wanting Romney as their president, looks like a prime time to open a woolen blind fold business.

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