Stand Up!

From “Don’t Just Sit There,” Gretchen Reynolds, NYT:

“In an inspiring study…scientists at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Mebourne, Australia, had 19 adults sit completely still for seven hours or, on a separate day, rise every 20 minutes and walk leisurely on a treadmill…for two minutes.  On another day, they had the volunteers jog gently during their two-minute breaks.

“When the volunteers remained stationary for the full seven hours, their blood sugar spiked and insulin levels were out of whack.  but when they broke up the hours with movement, even that short two-minute stroll, their blood sugar levels remained stable.  Interestingly, the jogging didn’t improve blood sugar regulation any more than standing and walking did.  What was important, the scientists concluded, was simply breaking up the long, interminable hours of sitting.”

Michelle Obama is right — Let’s Move!

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