Greece Is the Word

The false talking point that the U. S. is on the path to becoming Greece is popular among GOP politicians and pundits, designed to strike terror into voters’ hearts and make them vote for Mitt.  The effectiveness of this lie depends on voters knowing a little, but not too much.

To be scared about our becoming Greece, voters have to know that Greece is in huge trouble.  But they can’t know that the analogy doesn’t hold, that we are nothing like Greece.  Fewer votes know this.  Fewer voters will stop to think that we have our own floating currency, while Greece does not; that we have a central bank, while Greece does not; that we can print money, while Greece cannot.  Fewer voters will know the actual numbers of the incredibly low rates at which the U. S. borrows money and the incredibly high rates at which Greece borrows.

This cynical GOP strategy proves the old adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  A Republican victory in November relies on low-information voters.  For the Obama campaign, more information will lead to more votes.

One comment on “Greece Is the Word

  1. harris jordan says:

    What seems to be true about the republican party is that it is the party of exclusion where the democratic party is the party of inclusion.

    The republicans root for themselves where the democrats root for everyone who wants a better life.

    The republicans have more wealth than the democrats and their main goal in life is keeping that wealth and not sharing it with the democrats.

    The democrats want change to get ahead, the republicans want want to stagnate change to keep things just the way they are.

    The republicans have done everything in their power to block Obama’s legislative initiatives killing many programs and causing conflict rather than conciliation.

    Though I am an independant, and have voted republican in the past, the last 11 years of republican behavior has been so repugnant to me that I doubt In shall ever cast another republican ballot.

    Between the policies of George W. Bush and what Mitt Romney would bring to America, I can see why the Mexicans are heading home on their own.

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