Sarkozy Destroys Economy and Himself

Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande came in first in French voting today, which means he and conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy will have a run-off in two weeks, on May 6.  There will be just one debate, on May 2.  Hollande is expected to defeat Sarkozy by about 10 points.

Don’t you wish we could have such a short general election campaign?

Sarkozy’s stringent austerity measures proved to be a disaster not just economically, but politically as well.

2 comments on “Sarkozy Destroys Economy and Himself

  1. Sarkozy thinks he’s a movie star and that’s not what the French elected him for.
    Soon he can play himself in the movie about how he lost the election.

  2. rnjanice says:

    When a government “ROBS” from Peter to pay Paul, they can always count on support from Paul. Freebies eventually cost and are not free after all. It is time for people to “get a job”

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