Too Stupid to Live

West Virginia GOP Senate candidate John Raese is campaigning against anti-smoking laws.  He claims that his having to put No Smoking signs up in his buildings is just like Hitler making Jews wear Stars of David:

“Remember, Hitler used to put Star of David on everybody’s lapel, remember that?  Same thing.”

In this guy’s defense, it is West Virginia, so I assume his parents are also siblings.

Pre-emptive strike on Right Wingers leaving “shocked, shocked” comments — your guy Dick Cheney made a West Virginia incest joke back in 2008.

4 comments on “Too Stupid to Live

  1. philowitz says:

    Where do they find these people?

  2. philowitz says:

    According to wikipedia, he is president and CEO of Greer Industries, a limestone mining operation which also produces steel. In addition he has interests in West Virginia radio and a newspaper. He ran against Manchin in 2010, only his wife couldn’t vote for him, since she was registered to vote in Florida, where they had one of their many homes. His wife started Conservative Women of West Virginia, presumably when she still lived in WV.

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