When Is an Insult Not an Insult?

When is an insult not an insult?  When it’s a “gift.”  That’s what Mitt Romney called Hilary Rosen’s remark that Ann Romney had never actually worked a day in her life.  Mitt said this at a $50,000 a person Palm Beach fundraiser at a private estate.  NBC reporter Garrett Haake heard Mitt because he was sitting on the sidewalk outside the event, which was held outdoors in a tent.

Ann Romney didn’t seem offended either.  She called it “my early birthday present” and said, “I loved it.”

So I think the Romney campaign needs to shut down the faux outrage machine.  Among their own (other very rich people), both Romneys felt comfortable saying how they really felt and high-fiving the crowd over their lucky break.

You think the Romneys would have learned from President Obama’s “clinging to their guns and religion” comment at a California fundraiser in 2008, that there is no such thing as a true private event any more.

If the Romneys revealed how cynical they are, the White House/Obama campaign revealed how craven they are when they fell all over themselves condemning Hilary Rosen.  Pretty pathetic all around.

Let’s get back to forced vaginal probes, people.

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